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Favorite game charactersNathan Drake (Uncharted)

Favorite game characters
Nathan Drake (Uncharted)

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Wow, can I reserve Flynn please? I came off anon so you can judge/trust me!

Oh now I’m really judging you. jk you want to join my site how can I?

But your reserve of Flynn has been recorded! 

I'd be interested in reserves, but it would depend on which characters are going to be available? I'd hate to reserve a character who's dead in the plot. Do you have a list?

The fun thing about this plot is that we are actually going to revive the dead characters of the series (such as Harry Flynn or Eddy Raja). How you revive them is up to you, it simply has to be approved by an admin! 

As of now here is a rough canon list: 

  • Nathan Drake
  • Victor Sullivan
  • Elena Fisher
  • Eddy Raja
  • Rika Raja
  • Atoq Navarro 
  • Gabriel Roman 
  • Chloe Frazer
  • Harry Flynn
  • Jeff
  • Karl Schafer
  • Tenzin
  • Pema
  • Zoran Lazarevic 
  • Dragan 
  • Draza 
  • Lovac 
  • Sark 
  • Tetram 
  • Vodnik 
  • Zorskel 
  • Charlie Cutter
  • Salim
  • Talbot
  • Katherine Marlowe
  • Rameses
  • Harry
  • Jada Hzujak
  • Jason Dante 
  • Marisa Chase 

In addition to this original characters will also be allowed. So if you haven’t played Uncharted then its no worries!

It’s a new month!

And a new addition to the staff team has been made. With some help I now will be able to get the site up and running, hopefully within the next week.

If there is interst I will open up reserves ahead of time!

Can you guys give us plot/site/groups/etc. previews? And are the characters canon-based only?

This site is going to have a mostly open plot to start out with! The basis is a world, much like Uncharted, where there is a rich underground of selling stolen goods hawked from old temples, museums, or even family heirlooms. We want this to be a character driven, literary site as much as possible. However, the admins will be planning nice curve balls to throw at the members for plotting.

Member groups will consist of small time thieves, to treasure hunters to members of Marlowe’s order, to just regular old citizens. That means any and all original characters will be welcome! And if you haven’t played the game, and just want to play a kick-ass character, that’s totally cool too.

Nearly there!

As we’re getting closer and closer to opening, would you guys be interested in getting some pre-opening character reserves? 

An upcoming Uncharted RP. Submit a staff application today!

An upcoming Uncharted RP. Submit a staff application today!

What are you looking for in staff members?

I’m looking for people with the ability to balance getting things done while still being able to have a good time! A general live for writing is a must. 

I would also love to have people who find themselves talented with coding and/or graphics. Those are areas I have difficulty with, so someone to have my back there would be wonderful, but this is not a requirement! 

Hi! I just wanna say I am so excited for this - I'm not gonna submit a staff application because I think I'd be the worst staff member ever, but I am so down for being a regular old member when you start up! <3

Awe! Well thank you anon. I look forward to having you as a member. 

Until I can get a few more staff members  it’s going to be a slow progress, but I assure you that work is still being done with the site!